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Vision boards

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

A great way to start the new year.

A new year is a clean slate, a fresh page, and a new start. It is also a great time to envision your future, your team’s future or your family’s future by asking what you want the next year to look like, stand for, or represent.

For many years, prior to the start of the new year, I have created a vision board. It has taken different forms. Sometimes tied to a calendar, other times freestanding, but always using words and pictures to represent what I want the next 365 days to represent.

The process I use is to collect old magazines and professional journals for a few months, stack them on a pile and then flip through the pages finding words and pictures that speak to me. Then, I find a quiet time, an hour or more, to spend time considering what I want my life to represent. I burn candles or listen to inspirational music to set the stage and make this a meditative and contemplative time.

Then, I cut out the words, phrases and pictures from the magazines and then arrange them on a poster board and glue them on the page or poster board in an order that speaks to me. This year’s arrangement is in sections that are business and family related. You can use fancy scissors or add embellishments or organize your pictures, words, or phrases any way you would like. There is no right or wrong way to create a board—just make sure it is meaningful to you.

Once completed, I hang it in a place, such as my office, where I can see it every day and focus on one or two words that remind me of my vision that I have designed for the new year. 

This year, I plan to reflect more on why I chose the words and images and reconnect to my vision by spending 10 minutes each week in purposeful contemplation to be sure I am living out my vision.

Some of my words and phrases for the coming year:

·       Intrepid.

·       Trailblazer.

·       Let’s go!

·       Live life your own way.

·       Inspire others to achieve their goals.

·       Stress the positive.

What do you envision for 2019? Capture it on a board and reflect on it regularly to make the new year more meaningful.
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