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The Power of Visibility: Enhancing Your Presence in Meetings and Online

Updated: Jun 24

I once knew a teacher who had a unique approach to managing a particularly distracted student in her classroom. She placed a large refrigerator box over his desk, creating a makeshift cubicle that isolated him from the rest of the class. This unconventional method aimed to minimize distractions and help him stay focused on his work. Worksheets and other materials were passed over the top of the box to ensure he could continue with his assignments without interruption.

This refrigerator box reminds me of the choices we make when we join a video call and opt not to use our camera or choose not to speak up in meetings.

Imagine attending an in-person meeting and putting a box over your head.

Why should the online space be any different? Instead of someone else isolating us, we isolate ourselves, closing ourselves off from others. This behavior applies to meetings, training sessions, and any situation where we choose to not speak up or stay off camera. By doing so, we miss out on the opportunity to fully engage and connect with our colleagues, making it harder to build trust and foster effective communication.

In today's digital work environment, being seen and heard in meetings, whether virtual or in-person, is more important than ever.

With the prevalence of remote work and online interactions, it’s easy to feel invisible when you’re not actively engaging. However, by speaking up, keeping your camera on, and embracing visibility, you can significantly enhance your professional presence and influence. Here’s how you can make a lasting impact.

Speak Up: One of the most powerful ways to assert your presence in meetings is to speak up. Sharing your ideas, asking questions, and offering feedback are essential actions that demonstrate your engagement and expertise.

Camera On: In virtual meetings, keeping your camera on can significantly enhance your visibility and engagement. It shows that you are present, attentive, and ready to contribute.

Embrace Your Presence: Hiding behind a screen or staying silent can lead to missed opportunities for professional growth and recognition. Embrace your presence by actively participating and showcasing your skills.

Overcome Your Fears: For many, the fear of being judged or making mistakes can lead to reluctance in being visible. It’s important to practice self-compassion, seek feedback, and celebrate small wins. Acknowledging your successes, learning from feedback, and making improvements can boost your self-esteem and motivate you to stay visible.

Being seen and heard in meetings and online is crucial for your professional growth and success.

By speaking up, keeping your camera on, and not hiding, you can demonstrate your engagement, build strong connections, and enhance your influence. Remember, your contributions are valuable, and embracing your presence can lead to greater opportunities and fulfillment in your career. So, step into the spotlight, share your voice, and let your presence be felt. You've got this!

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