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That Sunday Night Feeling

A former colleague coined the term “Sunday Night Feeling" to describe the thoughts of returning to work on a Monday morning that created some employees to feel sick and uneasy. His description was meant to encourage all team members to contact a member of the Human Resources Team if this feeling occurred and his reminder was important.

Work should not hurt.

While not a formal diagnosis, the feeling is real for some as there are many challenges in today’s workforce. Headlines about turnover, staffing shortages, employee disengagement, and mistreatment abound. If you search for synonyms for work, you will find: drudgery, toil, grind, trial, and struggle.

Work does not have to be this way.

Coming together with other team members to earn a paycheck, accomplish goals, and serve customers can be exhilarating and life changing. If you think of the workplace as a culture or an environment, ask your team what conditions would have to be in place for them to view work with enthusiasm and influence. You might hear answers like: encouragement, appreciation, value, support, respect, and trust.

As a leader, what are you doing to create an environment where employees welcome Monday mornings, instead of dreading them?

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