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Choosing to Live and Lead in the Susquehanna Valley

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Published in Voice of the Valley July 2019

It does not take too long to hear about all that is wrong in the world and in our corner of it, the Greater Susquehanna Valley. Just pick up a newspaper or listen to a conversation at just about any meeting or gathering and you will hear any number of complaints or issues about what is wrong.

As a leader, you basically have two choices--to be part of the problem or part of the solution. To be part of the solution to the issues we face, leaders can choose to be proactive.

Listening to a leader’s language can determine whether they are proactive or reactive. Reactive leaders say: “If only we could get people to stay in the Valley; We can’t keep doing this; or I can’t believe that!” Leaders can also make a different choice—to be part of the solution, be proactive, and say things like “I can; I will; and I’ll work hard at a solution!” 

As leaders, we cannot focus on what is wrong in the Valley and choose to walk away or hope that the issue will be resolved another day by someone else.

No, instead, we need to focus on what is right, what is possible, and what we can do to see things from another angle and be part of the solution. What choice will you make?

The Valley needs your passion and your purpose and you can be part of the solution by choosing to be proactive by getting involved, serving on a committee, attending a fundraising event, volunteering, and most of all being part of the solution.

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