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For Such a Time as This

It is a phrase used frequently, which hearkens Biblical references, and it can mean: special, chosen or royal. The meanings of this phrase can be explored through a leadership lens, during this unprecedented time in history.

We have been given one of the biggest stages upon which to perform, with no advance notice and no time to prepare for such a time as this!

No doubt this is a special time in history. In years to come, this unrehearsed leadership opportunity will be written about in history books, journals, and case studies and might be called The Great Experiment. We will one day reflect and realize we were stars in one of the greatest leadership lessons ever experienced. How we and our companies perform during such a time as this will be marked, forever, in time.

Though we may not have chosen the script, we did sign up for the part.

We were likely contributing to a leadership role, long before the pandemic, no matter what our titles. Here we are today, pivoting, serving, balancing, and leading with all our hearts and minds.

As the story unfolds, we might feel tired, stressed and even burnt out, yet our passion to serve fuels our fire to press on, even after long and grueling hours that have turned into months, as we turn the calendar pages over to a new year.

Beyond special and chosen, this phrase is also associated with royalty. While most of us would not want or consider our roles with such importance, we should be encouraged today, my fellow leader. Here we are, on this leadership stage, at this momentous time and the spotlight is on us. Whether you believe it or not, you are appreciated and revered for all you do.

Even if the acknowledgements are small and the accolades infrequent, your place of leadership is important to your audience, or those you serve, at such a time as this!

We look ahead to the next act, filled with hope and anticipation towards an end to The Great Experiment. The next stage might not be as grand, and the world might not be watching with us, yet we will forever be remembered for the part we played as leaders during this time in history. Our leadership role is being shaped and molded for the next opportunity, as we build our resilience and bring all we learned with us about such a time as this!

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